A clear night sky is spacious, open, and shimmering. Explores the upper range of the piano.

The Muse

Inspired by our deep and mutual  love of the music of Chopin. Some of the chords were discovered by experimenting with chromatic alterations.


Named after Violet Archer. Freely moves from Baroque style beginnings through a more contemporary middle section.


Water can be soothing and powerful all at once! This piece celebrates the essence of all life on our planet with splashes of artistry, virtuosity and flow.


We love water! The music falls like water over cliffs and provides an opportunity to show off some fancy finger work.


This is about desperately wanting something with your entire heart and soul.

Volume 3 Grade 5-8


Nature is about change, adaptation and evolution. There is both sadness and joy in the cycle of life.


This is a tone poem about flying whether in dreams or in reality.


What happens if you change one note at a time in a chord progression? As I tried to answer this question I realized that it sounded like a hymn and that is the direction it took.

Mood Swings

This is a jazzy tribute to the music of Donald Fagen.

Riding the Wave

When you are riding the wave, anything is possible!

Rush Hour in Toyland

We both came up with this title after realizing the music reminded us of the sound of giant toy cars honking.


Being alone can be a positive and wonderful experience.

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