Volume 1 Preparatory to Level 1

A Second Opinion

Students can play this piece with "attitude" and really enjoy  the dissonance provided by the major second intervals.

A Summer WInd

Basic triadic patterns in contrary motion help to create the feeling of being outside in the summer wind.

Black Key Hoedown

Just as the title suggests, a country style dance performed entirely on the black keys.

Climbing Stairs

This music evokes the journey of a toddler just learning how to climb stairs, determined to get to the very top.


An opportunity to explore playing with hands two octaves apart and adding a dramatic spoken word for comic effect.


In the land of dreams you can take yourself to another world.

Echoing Hands

This happy little piece is like two friends that are imitating each other.

Five for Fun

An interesting time signature for young ones! A pentascale in Am with varied articulations and dynamics. This can also be easily transposed to Dm or any other minor pentascale.

Foolin' Around

First exposure to two note slurs alternating with a light staccato touch in a tuneful two-part counterpoint.


The right hand plays a melody while the left hand hops, and then the hands switch roles.


Inspired by the little hummingbird that visits daily outside our studio window to have a sip of nectar and listen to the piano.

Jackson's First Steps

A simple tune that tries to capture the joy and innocence of our grandson learning how to walk.

Knocking On Wood

Ina thought it might be interesting and fun to use the right hand as a percussion instrument while the left hand plays the tune.

Ostinato Fun

The right hand is based on a Dm natural scale while the left hand provides a repeated bass note pattern.

Pete the Pirate Misses Home

The musical tale of a sensitive pirate who has a moment of loneliness. The "Arrr!" at the end will very likely get a laugh.

Simply Blue

This is a twelve bar blues with two ways to play the theme, first detached and then legato.

Tina's Sonateeny

Inspired by the idea of creating the beginnings of a theme for a sonatina.

Walking with a Tune in My Head

A steady left hand allows the young musician to focus on a lyrical phrase that is restated in the upper register.

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