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Sea Creatures

Let’s Play Volume 3

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The videos show samples of the sheet music and are performed by the composers!

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Let’s Play Volume 1

Sea Creatures


The musical beauty of flowing water, ageless, timeless, relentless and yet always as peace.

Clownfish Capers

Part of the “caper” is watching for all the places where hands cross in unexpected places!  These clownfish love to dance and play jokes.

Electric Eels

These nerdy eels are working on an electrical invention that involves a lot of wires and a lot of rhythm.

Hermit Crab Jig

Tuck fingers 4 and 5 in each hand so you can’t use them at all, and your hands might just look like hermit crabs as they dance this jig and then scurry off.

Leafy Sea Dragon

One of the most lovely  creatures in the sea, she is mostly calm and  serene, probably does yoga a lot, and occasionally imagines fame and fortune.

Little Fishies

These tiny little fish swirl quickly and love to travel together, appearing and disappearing like magic!

Lurking in the Deep

We are not sure what is hiding in the darkness of the deep water, but it is a little strange, and very very shy.

Teeny Tiny Plank Town

The plankton are having a party, and their favourite music comes from the high end of the keyboard..

The Mellow Dramatic Manatee

This manatee is just a little self-conscious and prone to exaggeration, but loves to sing.

Jellyfish Jazz

Floating around to the cool sounds of the big chords. Who knew jellyfish could be so hip?.

Sammy the Seahorse

Sammy dreams of being a real horse playing in a sunny meadow.


We think this shark just really likes to scare people!  Have fun with all the dynamic markings and contrasts in this dramatic piece.

Sleepy Starfish

The baby starfish love this song because it helps them to get to bed.

Yellow Tang Tango

Imagine two bright yellow fish doing a lively tango!  Strive for a playful feeling between the two parts, and enjoy the dance.